Pastor Makes Huge Cash From Sale Of 'Anointed Cucumber To Congregation  [PHOTOS] 

Wonders they say shall never ends as some strange reports from clergymen activities points to the so called end time.

A Zimbabwean clergyman, Prophet Walter Magaya, has made money from his congregation through the sale of what he called anointed cucumber.

This has led to a bit of negativity on social media, especially on micro blogging site, Twitter.
A user with the ID @mcicewater attributed the occurrence as a sign of the end time.

He wrote, "Signs of the end time. Zimbabwean prophet Walter Magaya allegedly sold anointed cucumbers to his church."

According to reports, Magaya is currently in Nigeria to visit the Synagogue Church of Nations leader, Pastor T.B Joshua.

It has been rumored that the latter gave him the power to perform miracles.

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