Police Nabs Man That Pretends To Be Women To Dupe Randy Men

A Ugandan man who disguises himself as a woman to rob his clients has been arrested by the police.
The suspect identified as Ivan Bebeto was arrested in Uganda after several men filed reports that the woman he pretended to be, had robbed them on different occassions.

The victims reportedly described him as a beautiful woman who wore short skirts and heavy makeup.

 Ivan, whose alter ego is called Queen, reportedly operates around East and Central Africa in countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Burundi and Tanzania.

According to the reports, Ivan was arrested after a man who was interested in Queen, paid for sexual favours but did not get it.

Queen (Ivan) kept giving excuses as to why he could not sleep with the client despite the fact that he had received a down payment.

Finally, Ivan invited the client to a room so the transaction could be carried out but the client who suspected that something was off, called the police on him.

The police later found out that Queen was actually a man (Ivan) and took him into their custody.

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