This Is Someone's Thought On Linda Ikeji's Social Media Site (Read)

The article is cregital.com, just read:

Linda Ikeji Social — How I wasted one hour of my day.

Linda Ikeji launched a social network and everyone at the office had their strong opinion about it even from looking at the landing page.

No one had successfully logged in at the time I started writing this quick piece. We have been scared of signing up with Facebook as the User interface looks a little dodgy since they tried not-so-hard to clone the largest social network.

Ok… lets do this… I’m going in.
30 mins later + multiple attempts…. still waiting for the activation email to activate my account. But I have a comment here — It’s weird to have the notification text in all caps. Also there‘s already four shades of red on the page
So i click on the resend button one last time and the email still doesn’t go through. Obviously this crucial feature was not tested. Hmmm… I will sign in with Facebook and review my Facebook account security settings.


It is either in beta or its a ponzi scheme to gather email addresses. We found the screenshot below on the internet for what the website looks like when you are signed in and it is an utter mess. My comments below;
  1. Even if the brand colour is red it does not mean that there should have multiple links all stacked up together in red.
  2. Is that a switch I see representing the log out button?
  3. The best social networks that thrive have 70% organic content from your friends and 30% sponsored content.
  4. That logo is a total shame.
  5. Linda could have easily launched a community using Discourse like we did with Zegist.
I understand that when you have lots of following it is easy to get free press coverage on whatever shitty product you roll out. We need to let people know when they have done really badly and appraise good products. I need your opinion on what you think about Linda Ikeji Social.

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