Threat To Life: Man Narrates How He Is Being Threatened, With Police Involvement

Omotola said he has been on this case for a while now and even the Police are collaborating with the person threatening the life of his family, to effect the threat.

Read his story below and share till it gets to the appropriate authorities:

Good morning,

My name is Odunaya Omotola I reside at Mobolade Olujide street, Ajuwon Ogun state. I worked with Mr Damilola Oyetti driving his vehicle commercially since August 2016, but along the line the working relationship became uncomfortable for me as his vehicles were not in good condition and he refused to fix them stating lack of funds as reason but insisting I continue to manage the situation being more interested in making money than valuing my life and the life of other road users, and I became uncomfortable working with him further. On the 10th of October 2016 I was involved in an accident at around 9:30pm and after a lot of argument and negotiations it was agreed that both parties should fix their vehicles as we could not reach a compromise due to the nature of the accident.

When I got to Mr Damilola's house he said I intentionally caused the accident and as such I must pay half of the cost of the repair, which he claimed would cost "around N90,000" and he said I must pay half. On the 17th of November 2016 Mr Damilola invited me to his house for a meeting and there he invited the police of the PEN CINEMA POLICE STATION to get me arrested saying that I damaged his vehicle and ran away, I was taken to the station and there forced to write an undertaking that the only way I must pay him for the damages he was claiming is for me to forcefully drive his vehicle and that he will not allow me get any other job.

After he told the police I ran away and forced me to sign the undertaking with the assistance of the police he said that if he does not get his money and if I do not drive his vehicle to make money for him he will make Lagos unbearable for me and my family, that the only way I can survive is to leave Lagos for him as he will send his fellow goons and area boys to hunt me down as he owns Lagos and I am just a cockroach to him this and many more he said not to only me but also to my pastor and my wife. He also promised to make sure he sends me to kirikiri if he does not get his money and if I don't drive his vehicle, and the police at the station also threatened to trow me behind bars if I don't sign that undertaking.

This man is a politician and has vowed to use his influence and connection to make life miserable for me in Lagos and he said he will follow me to anywhere except he does not know where I stay. Please help as this threat is no longer looking like just a mere threat as the police CRO at Area G in ogba put it, please help as this man is using his influence and police connection to make life difficult for me as I can no longer sleep well for fear of being attacked by hoodlums who will probably disguise like they want to do something else and kill me or any members of my family, or being arrested by police for commiting a fictitious crime, since he said he knows where I stay and will send people after me and will not let me sleep well.

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