UPDATED: 76 Dead And 5 Survivors In Brazilian Football Team Crash In Columbia 

Seventy-six people have been confirmed dead following a plane crash near Medellin, Colombia, the plane carrying a total of 81 people,  72 passengers and nine crew members were on board the flight.

The 72 passengers included members of a Brazilian soccer team  and nine crew members crashed near Rionegro, Colombia, according to the country's civil aviation department.

The accident happened in an area called Cerro El Gordo near Medellin, the department said.

The plane declared an emergency between the municipalities of La Ceja and La Union, according to a statement from Colombian aviation officials.

The civil aviation agency announced that six passengers, three players, two crew members, and one journalist survived the crash.

The plane took off from Bolivia's Viru Viru airport at 6:18 p.m. local time, according to air controller Manuel Palamas.

Officials didn't specify what happened to the plane but did say that the wounded were being transported to assistance centers.

Medical staffers wait for survivors of the crashed plane carrying the Brazilian football team Chapecoense at San Juan de Dios La Ceja Hospital near Medellin.

The aviation department's statement revealed that passengers belonged to a Brazilian soccer team called Chapecoense.

Tattered debris emblazoned with the club's logo was also photographed at the crash site.

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