Blac Chyna Declares Love For Kris Jenner, Picks Her As Second Mother 

Blac Chyna and Kris Jenner are fast becoming the best of friends.

From the exclusive clip obtained by E! News, Chyna described the Kardashian/Jenner matriarch as her ‘second mother’, adding that Kris is always waiting to dish out advice which the model finds helpful.

“Everybody always talks about mother-in-laws and how they can be,” Chyna says, “But Kris is totally different, you know always willing to give me personal, good advice.”

She adds that Kris Jenner discusses everything from “health insurance to talking to her about Rob and future plans and everything in between. Kris is like a second mother to me.”

These heartwarming words will be aired on this Sunday’s Rob & Chyna Baby Special, and it shuts down the old news that the Kris was not happy with Chyna and Rob’s relationship.

While folks like Wendy Williams accuse Chyna of taking advantage of Rob’s self-esteem issues, the new mum’s revelations on the upcoming documentary show it may be the other way round – with Rob, she learned to appreciate her body as a pregnant woman.

“With my first pregnancy I didn’t do a maternity shoot, I didn’t have a baby shower,” she said in the upcoming series, adding that “Having to hide your pregnancy is just not a good feeling. So now with this baby it’s really important everybody that supported me share this moment.”

Is Blac Chyna working her way to become a Kardashian?

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