Boko Haram: Army Troops Threaten To Kill Their Commanders 

Pandemonium has reportedly broken out in Borno State after a group of soldiers assigned to fight Boko Haram terrorists threatened to kill their superior officers.

According to Premium Times, the soldiers, who belong to the 21 Brigade of the Nigerian Army, were sent to fight terrorists in Boko Haram stronghold, Sambisa Forest.

However, instead of embarking on the mission, they turned against their officers and started shooting in all directions.

The soldiers also accused their commanders of maltreating them and threatened to kill any officer who stands in their way.

“The brigade is based in Bama but is currently deployed at Bula Bello in Sambisa for Operation Rescue Final,” an insider told Premium Times.

“But suddenly soldiers started mutinying at 6AM today, firing in all directions and threatening to pull out of the operation.

“As some of them fire gunshots, some started preparing vehicles to move out of location. They also warned officers to steer clear or they would be shot dead.

“They are saying their commanders have been treating them badly and telling them lies. As I speak to you, the firing is still going on, and there is confusion everywhere,” he added.

Nigerian soldiers have frequently complained of being maltreated by the government.
The latest incident is yet to be confirmed by the Nigerian Army.

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