Heartbreak? Lionel Messi Reveals Why He Had To Keep Beards 

Barcelona's superstar, Lionel Messi shocked his teeming fans when he showed up with his full beard and peroxide blond hair.

Messi has now revealed that he did that because of the heartbreak he suffered losing the 2016 Copa America final to Chile.

That was Messi’s second loss consecutive loss to Chile in the final of Copa America.

The 29-year-old missed a spot-kick in the penalty shoot-out of the final and was utterly devastated that he announced his retirement from the Argentina national team afterwards.

The heartbreak also led the forward to start keeping his beard and dye his hair to peroxide blond hair.

“Behind the change in look there is a little bit of everything,” Messi said.

“The craziness of the moment, to change a little, to start from zero, a new season, a new start after the Copa America when we once lost again on penalties.”

Messi has since recovered from the heartbreak and returned to the Argentina national team after many pleas from notable personalities in his country and abroad.

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