Infidelity: Man Kills Wife And Commits Suicide 

A Zimbabwe man, Bwanali Belo, has committed suicide following the murder his wife, Enia James, after he caught her red handed having sex with another man, Masvingo Mirror reports.

Belo, a native of Gabaza Farm located in Mashonaland East of that country, allegedly went berserk after catching his wife in a steamy session with her secret lover and murdered her before killing himself.

After killing her, he was said to have buried the wife in a shallow grave and later confided in a close friend before hanging himself inside his house.

According to family sources, Bwanali had to Darwendale in Harare on October 29, 2016, to his in-laws' place and told his father-in-law, James Simani, that he had caught his wife with another man.
When he returned home, he allegedly killed his wife and buried her. When neighbours noticed the absence of the wife, he allegedly informed them that she had eloped with her boyfriend.

But pricked by his conscience, Belo took his neighbor, Lazarus Kasvosve, and showed him where he buried his wife and informed him about the incident. He then proceeded to Gabaza farm and hung himself.

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