Kemi Olunloyo Declares Her Sexual Desire For Flavour

Kemi Olunloyo has got everyone talking again as she took to social media to make another rather 'interesting' and outspoken statement, directed at Nigerian singer, Flavour.

It started on Tuesday where she declared the singer, 'sexually wanted'. Saying she wants him in her crib now. Read the rest please:

On Wednesday, she continued by expressing her sexual desire for Flavour and gave a long note on sex and attraction. 

Read below:

MY Sexual DESIRE FOR @2niteflavour on December 6th 2016
Yesterday I taught a lesson in#DESIRE...Many of you noticed it. I especially wanted to send a message to my #HNNWomen. Ladies, many of us are single, searching and just plain fed up. I have a billionaire right in front of me I can't get rid of who I had to put on blast on Instagram to go away. I even disabled comments on that post. I reopened it now. You don't have to compromise. Get what you really want, not just cash. Many of us are starved for sex. Take for example myself who you read about last month in the International Business Times. I've been celibate for 10 years and a childhood victim of FGM crazy about sex toys. Overnight my Facebook inbox with male prostitute DM's when they know I can expose them easily. Nobody knows who's fucking me I said in Ubi and Lillian's post. Nobody should. Some said I wanted to bite off Flavour's dick yesterday. The fact is that many of you settle for less and don't express your desire in the right direction. Begin doing that starting today. Ladies I'm gonna be your love and sexpert in 2017. I'm here for my #HNNWomen.

Forget what society taught you that a man has to propose or come to you

1. Scope out the ELIGIBLE right man. He cannot belong to someone else.
2. Introduce yourself and let him know you are interested.
3. Interact in person at public places. Restaurant, clubs, supermarkets. No hotels or each others place due to safety.
4. Command respect. Im a feminista. Gender equality comes in and he will never think of hitting u. Be protected too. Gun or knife handy in your bag in case u have to defend yourself. Tell someone about him. 
5. Be romantic. If u want him to suck your pussy, demand it or he's going to hell. Nigerian men love blow jobs but say our pussy stinks cos they dont wanna reciprocate. The orgasm a woman gets from being licked even makes a man ejaculate deep on themselves. Sex is a good thing and stimulates the mind. 69 each other to the clouds.
6.GET YOUR MAN...then pls pls pls ladies, dont post excessive photos of him on Instagram then complain when the hard work you did ends up sliding in someone else's DM. 

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