Man Dies After Hangover, Wakes Up In Mortuary, Heads Back To Bar

A man who was pronounced dead after drinking too much on a night out woke up in the morgue before heading back to continue drinking.

At least that is what is being claimed happened in Kamienna Gora in Poland, where a 25-year-old named Kamil is said to have briefly been thought to have died.

According to Spiesa, the story starts with Kamil taking part in a heavy drinking session but after having one too many vodkas, he collapses and is taken to hospital where he is declared dead.

However, the same day a guard at the hospital is said to have heard strange noises coming from the morgue, opening the door he finds a naked corpse who asks for a blanket.

After that police were called, Kamil’s identity established, medical tests carried out before he was finally told he could go home.

The story concludes with the 25-year-old, having recently cheated death, heading back to bar.

Source: Metro

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