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Oluwo Asks Monarchs To Throw Away Idols In Their Palaces

The Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi, has asked traditional rulers in Yoruba land to help in the present economic situation by meeting with their subjects, and giving various forms of assistance.  

The Oluwo, who said this in a telephone interview with Punch newspaper in Osogbo, on Tuesday, stated that the people would respect and honour monarchs who made positive impacts on their lives.

The traditional ruler urged his colleagues to throw away the various idols in their palaces, saying God hates idolatry.

The monarch insisted that traditional rulers shun idolatry, saying God cannot help monarchs who worshipped 'other' gods. 

The Oluwo stated:

Our palaces must be clean and devoid of any idol. There is authority in the mouth of any monarch who is clean and who shuns idol worshiping. Our palaces must be devoid of idols.

I removed the ‘Ogun Odela’ in front of my palace and asked them to take it to Ogundigba (far from the palace) because of this. This happened about two weeks ago.

Oba must not kneel down before anybody to pray. This is a message or a warning to all the kings and let me tell them that their palaces are the habitation of God on earth. God was dwelling with us before churches and mosques were built.

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