Our Streets Protest Was Embarrassing - Falcons' Midfielder 

Super Falcons midfielder, Ngozi Okobi has revealed that it was shameful and embarrassing for them to take to the streets to protest the non-payment of their salaries and allowances.

The Super Falcons on Wednesday, December 14 took to streets to protest the non-payment of their salaries following their successful campaign at the 2016 Africa Women’s Cup of Nations (AWCON).
Before taking to the streets, the players spent nine days in a sit-in protest at the Agura Hotel in Abuja.

Okobi revealed that it the players did the protest out of desperation.
“It was embarrassing to protest, it was frustrating,” the midfielder told BBC World Service.
We never wanted to take to the street but we couldn’t just remain at the hotel without any result.
“They just told us to go home and that they will call us when the money is ready, but it was not right like that.
"We have families at home to take care of and this is Christmas.
“Although it was harmful and embarrassing, we just had to do it.”

Despite the shameful ordeal, the 23-year-old will not stop playing for Nigeria and will not advise upcoming women footballers to do so.

“Football is about passion, if you love it, play it. Playing for either my country or my club, I love football a lot,” she said.

“If you have a passion for football just go ahead and play.”
Following the protest, the Super Falcons players have each been paid N11.5m ($23,650) per player.

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