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Popular Designer Encourages Discrimination Against 'Black' People

It is said that the debate would continue yet for a long while as it is still the case that black people are regarded as below the food chain.
A former employee of Versace, has said that Versace shops use code words to alert staff when a black shopper enters the store.

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Christopher Sampino, a former worker at a Bay Area Versace store, has filed a lawsuit alleging that managers of the shop encourage staff to use a code word, ‘D410’, in a ‘casual manner’ to let other workers know that a black customer had entered the store.

‘D410’ is the colour code for black clothing.

Christopher claims that when he was taught about the code word, a manager advised him to ‘hold a black shirt’ when using the code so that customers didn’t know what he was referring to.

Christopher is now suing the store for encouraging discriminatory practices, claiming that after he was told to use the code word, he responded: ‘You know that I’m African-American?’

Christopher says that after he made that comment, he was treated differently.

Staff allegedly failed to provide proper training, did not provide rest breaks, and did not give Christopher the login information he needed to access printouts of his payslips.


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