Read Why APC Blasts Governor Fayose Again

The Ekiti state chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has slammed Governor Ayo Fayose of wearing army camouflage when he went to present the 2017 budget at the state's House of Assembly.

According to Daily Post, the APC also described the Governor’s mode of dressing as a collective insult and embarrassment to the people of Ekiti.

The party also said a Governor of his calibre is not supposed to behave the way he did, especially in a democracy.

The Ekiti APC spokesman, Taiwo Olatunbosun said “We have always insisted that Fayose is a law unto himself and a threat to democracy in Nigeria, showing contempt for the law and would do anything to undermine the integrity of the supremacy of the constitution.

“As a man who has constituted himself as the law, Fayose has demonstrated several times that he has no respect for the nation’s constitutional democracy and the rule of law.

“He sacked the House of Assembly for six months and ran 19 APC members out of the town with thugs and used seven PDP members to impeach APC Speaker in the House of Assembly of 26 members after he led thugs to invade the court to beat a judge and tore court records in the Chief Judge’s office.

“Fayose keeps his own army in the Government House that he regularly unleashes on his opponents, including using same armed thugs to prevent EFCC from doing its job when the governor stormed Access Bank with thugs to shield Mrs Fani-Kayode from EFCC scrutiny on her husband’s frozen account.

“Wearing army camouflage to the parliament to present the budget has confirmed our earlier claim that Fayose has army uniforms stocked at home with which he unleashed terror on the opposition during the Presidential and National Assembly election."

He also said “The President of the federation is allowed to wear army uniform to perform certain official functions while the officers and men of the force can also wear it, and so by wearing army uniform to perform an official duty in the parliament, Fayose is challenging the authority of the President who is the only Head of Government allowed by law to wear army uniform.

“Fayose may be running a mercenary ring and planning something sinister as we had earlier raised alarm. It is time for the security agencies to take Fayose’s security breach seriously.”

Adding that “Since Ekiti State House of Assembly members are Fayose’s captives who cannot question his illegal conduct, we wish to ask the Chief of Defence Staff and Chief of Army Staff if they granted Fayose permission to sew, keep and wear army uniform.

“We also call on the National Assembly to take parliamentary notice at Ekiti House of Assembly as a parliament that has collapsed and is irretrievably comatose and so needs intervention to save democracy and Nigerian law from those who have no respect for constitutional democracy and governance.

“Democracy is on life support in Ekiti State from the reckless desecration of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and so it is time the very bastion of democracy, the National Assembly, came to the aid of the nation’s constitution being held by the throat by Fayose who has unabashed contempt for constitutional order.”
On Tuesday, December 6, 2016, Governor Fayose presented the state’s 2017 budget to the House of Assembly.

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