Strange! Man Rapes Fiancee While She Was Having A Fit 

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A woman has described how she was raped by her fiance as she had an epileptic fit.

Georgina Adams, 24, was brutally raped by 20-stone binman Peter Cotterill, 29, as she suffered a seizure in bed.

She only realised what had happened when she came to consciousness following the 20-minute fit and discovered her playsuit had been removed.

Georgina has waived her anonymity to speak about the ordeal and is urging other victims of domestic abuse to report their violent partners to police.

The couple, who lived together in Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, had been in a relationship for five years before he raped her on June 9. Cotterill was jailed for eight years.

Cotterill admitted he forced himself on her, but after apologising, he attacked her again three weeks later.

Georgina was covered in bruises from the attack and she was initially too afraid to speak out.

But when she woke from another fit to find Cotterill performing a sex act on her on July 30, Georgina slapped him and called police.

Georgina, who was diagnosed with epilepsy four years ago, added:

At first, I used to suffer seizures every other day. He gave up his job as a recycling operative where he had worked for over three years to become my full time carer.

He knew exactly what was happening when I was having a seizure.

Recalling the night of the attack, she said:

I can remember going to bed as I felt a seizure coming on – he always went to bed the same time as me to make sure I didn’t hurt myself.

I thought maybe my playsuit had got tangled and I’d taken it off because it was baggy, but then I woke up properly and I went to the toilet and saw everything down there.

When I questioned him, he denied everything and said he couldn’t believe I thought he would do something like that.

I was too upset to say anything. I felt dirty and disgusting. He made me feel confused, like I’d imagined it, but after about half-an-hour of me questioning him, he admitted it.

But after apologising, Cotterill attacked again on June 30. Georgina said:

I had pushed the rape to the back of my mind because I didn’t want to believe he had done that to me.

We were in bed talking and then he got on top of me. I said no so many times. ‘He’s 6ft and over 20 stone and I couldn’t push him off me. He was very apologetic – I went out of the bedroom and I was crying.

But then when I went back into the bedroom, he did it again. He forced so hard I had bruises.

On July 30, Georgina called the police and they arrested him and charged him with rape and sexual assault. Cotterill was jailed for eight years after he admitted rape and assault by penetration at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court on December 1.

Source: Metro

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