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UCL Round Of 16: Arsene Wenger Goes Spiritual

Fans, sports lovers and the Arsenal managing community itself have complained of the regular grouping with a tough team when it comes to the UEFA Champions League round of 16, hoping they would meet a lesser opposition, but it has happened that Arsenal are to play Bayern Munich for this season's round of 16. 

In response to how Arsenal would cope, the Gunners boss, Arsene Wenger, says he looks up to God, saying:

We are all here to change history and to make history, so we have to change what happened before and make it better.
Look, the last six years we have not come past the last 16.
They said that God made the world in seven days and this is the seventh day for us! So we have to get a special day.
Arsenal hoped to avoid a European heavyweight after topping their group, but were pitted against Bayern for the fourth time in five seasons when the draw was made on Monday.
He continued:
I am responsible for the results so I don’t want to escape when I don’t meet the expectations of people who love this club. You feel guilty because you always question yourself first and your decision making. I think that’s completely normal.

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