2 Persons Injured In Accidental Discharge In Aso Rock 

An accidental gunshot happened in Aso Rock on Wednesday, January 4, and left a female worker within the Presidential Villa injured.

The incident was said to have occurred at a security checkpoint at the Administrative Reception near a clinic within the Villa.

According to the Punch, a security operative was trying to empty his weapon before submitting it at the checkpoint when the gun went off.

Both the operative and a female worker sustained injuries. The nature of the injuries sustained by the security operative are yet unclear but the female worker was said to have sustained injuries to her abdomen, thigh and her back.

She was briefly attended to at the nearby clinic before she was conveyed to the State House Medical Centre for further treatment.

There was a similar case of an accidental gunshot in Aso Rock on 23rd February, 2016 during the visit of Denmark’s foreign affairs minister, Mr Kristen Jensen to the Vice-President Professor Yemi Osinbajo.

A security operative on the entourage of the Danish minister reportedly tried to take his gun with him while passing through a security checkpoint but was accosted by the Villa’s security agents. In an attempt to submit his weapon, there was an accidental gunshot but no injuries were recorded from that particular incident.

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