Biological Mother Of Angelina Jolie's Adopted Child Speaks Out (Pictures)

Following the 'Brangelina' separation, the biological mother of Zahara Jolie-Pitt has come out to say she wants her daughter to know that she is alive and would like to speak with her.

Angelina Jolie had adopted Zahara when she visited Ethiopia, as the mother of the girl was poverty-stricken and had to give up her daughter so she could get a better life, but says she has had nothing from the girl since the adoption. 

Desperate: Mentewab Dawit Lebiso is Zahara Jolie Pitt's biological mother, having given birth to her in Ethiopia after falling pregnant when she was attacked. Mentewab has never had any other children and now desperately wants some contact with Zahara
She has therefore made a heartfelt plea to the superstar actress telling her: 

Please just let me talk to my daughter.

Poverty stricken Mentewab Dawit Lebiso told Daily Mail Online she is desperate to be part of her 12-year-old daughter's life - and called for Jolie to get custody of her daughter.

Zahara, pictured above with Angelina Jolie in 2007, was born in Ethiopia but put up for adoption as her mother Meneteweb was so sick

I just want her to know that I am alive and here and long to be able to speak with her. I do not want my daughter back but just to be in contact with her and be able to call her up and talk with her, said Mentewab.

Mother's longing: Mentewab told MailOnline that while she had lost Zahara as a baby, she still felt grief. 'I miss her all the time. I think about her every day and long to hear her voice or see her face'

I would like Zahara to know she has a mother who loves her as much as Angelina. She continued.

I know her life is with Angelina is in another country and she speaks another language than me.
We all die sometime and before I die I would like her to know about me and that she has family here in Ethiopia. I would ask Angelina to let me speak with her. I do not think it is too much to ask.
She has a life that I could never give her, but I would still like to have some contact. I would like to see her face. She has grown into a beautiful woman and I am so proud of her. My heart bursts because I am so proud.

Mentewab, 31, has reportedly had no contact with Zahara since she was taken to America by Jolie when she was just six months old in 2005.

Contact with birth mother is rare for adopted children growing up, however, they have a right to try and trace birth parents when they reach 18.

In line with her life in Ethiopia she says:

No money has ever been offered and that does not worry or disappoint me.

Megastar Jolie was told that Zahara was orphaned when she adopted her in 2005, and had lost her parents through Aids. 

It is thought that she had no idea that Mentewab was alive until 2007, when she gave her first interview.

Maternal: Angelina Jolie was clearly besotted with her newly adopted daughter Zahara as she planted a kiss on her head just after her arrival in the United States in 2005 
Life of riches: Zahara, pictured left above with Angelina Jolie  and sister Shiloh, right in 2015, was born into grinding poverty in Ethiopia but adopted by Jolie after her mother fell ill after the birth. Zahara's birth mother, who gets by on less than £15 a week, wants to be able to talk to her 
The court has granted Jolie custody of the children Maddox, 15, Shiloh, 10, Pax, 12, and twins Vivienne and Knox, eight, as well as Zahara while lawyers hammer out a divorce settlement and final custody agreement.

United front: Despite the growing strains in the marriage, the family were pictured altogether at the Maleficent premiere in 2014 with children (L-R) Pax Jolie-Pitt, Zahara Jolie-Pitt, Knox Jolie-Pitt, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and Maddox Jolie-Pitt

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