Brouhaha As Hausa Man Kills Bus Driver In Lagos Over 30 Naira 

There was pandemonium on Mojeed Sanni Street, in the Igando area of Lagos State on Monday, Janaury 30,  after a Hausa trader, Ibrahim Adamu, allegedly killed a bus driver, Lekan Adeleke.

Police from the Igando division, led by the Divisional Police Officer, Olatunji Ajimuda were forced to send away residents and friends of the victim who made a bonfire and went about chasing away Hausa traders in the community.

Adeleke’s corpse has since been taken to a mortuary, while the 40-year-old suspect, who was saved from being lynched, was whisked away to the Area M command, Punch writes.

Trouble started when the deceased, Adeleke, bought noodles worth N230 from the suspect’s son on Sunday night.

He reportedly paid N200 and promised to pay the balance of N30 the following day, which didn’t go down well with the suspect’s son.

Upon receiving the report from his son, Adamu let fly and attacked Adeleke, 30, with a spiked plank. Eyewitnesses said he slumped and hit his head against the concrete edge of a nearby gutter.

According to a friend of the victim, Kehinde Akinduro, Adeleke had actually paid the balance of N30 to the suspect’s son.

He was joking with the boy that despite being a customer, he went and reported him to his father. They started abusing each other. At this time, the son was already preparing noodles for me on the instruction of Adeleke,” he said.

“The next thing I saw was that Adamu, who was eavesdropping, brought out a spiked plank and hit Adeleke with it. I cautioned him, but he faced me and hit  me in the leg. I sustained some injuries.

“When Adeleke saw that he could no longer handle the situation, he took to his heels. But the man followed him and hit him in the head as he tried to jump the gutter. He fell and hit his head against the edge of the gutter.

“When Adamu saw that he had become unconscious, he took him into his kiosk and poured water on his head. He was doing this when a large number of residents stormed the place.  When he sighted them, he abandoned the man and took to his heels.”

The suspect, Adamu, was caught and handed over to the police while his son escaped.

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