CRUEL! Meet The Fast Food Worker That Puts Menstrual Blood And Saliva In Customer Foods 

A Mississippi, USA fast food worker, Sky Juliett Samuel, has been arrested and is facing a five-year jail term for allegedly smearing her own menstrual blood and saliva on a cheeseburger before serving it to a customer.

Crime Time Oxygen reports that the 18-year-old Samuel was angry when the drive-thru customer placed an order and when she could not understand her, an argument ensued between them and to punish the woman, Samuel decided to apply her menstrual blood to her food.

The incident reportedly happened on the night of Saturday, January 7, 2017, at a Jack’s Family Restaurant in the town of Columbus.

In an interview with KFOR-TV, City of Columbus Public Information Officer Joe Dillon, said:
"The employee didn't understand the woman's order, words were exchanged, and it went downhill from there."

Samuel’s act was uncovered after one of her co-workers told her mother of the incident and the woman posted about the incident on her Facebook page:

"If u went to Jack's between 10:00 pm and 10:30 pm on 1/7/2017 and u ordered the big jack with a sprite, u got more than ketchup!!!"

The customer who bought the cheeseburger saw the Facebook post and then alerted Columbus police.

Samuel was arrested on felony charges of selling unwholesome bread or drink and later released on $5,000 bond and if convicted, could be sentenced to five years in prison.

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