Domestic Violence: Mum Accidentally Sets Her 2 Kids On Fire

The Eke-Obollo community in Isiala Mbano has being thrown into a deep mourning after a middle-aged mum Chinonso Azubuike reportedly set her home on fire during a domestic altercation involving her husband and sister-in-law, killing two children in the process.

According to Punch, sources close to the family gathered that on Friday, January 20, Chinonso’s husband Oliver and his sister Adanna Onyeka were engaged in a violent fight, and in a bid to break the fight, Chinonso emptied a gallon of fuel on both adults, triggering a fire outbreak that swept through their home, killing her son – 3-year-old Chimaobi, and another child, 7-year-old Chidalu Onyeka, who were both asleep in their room.

The fire had engulfed the building, preventing neighbours from rescuing the children.

It is unclear why Chinonso would resort to pouring an inflammable liquid on her family or what led to such violent fight, but Punch adds that the three adults sustained injuries from the fire.

Speaking with the press, a source said the fire came from the kitchen close to the house, where a resident was cooking. “All the efforts made by villagers to put out the fire in order to save the children proved abortive as they died before help could reach them,” the source said.

Another source added that the three adults are currently hospitalised. “The policemen, who came on a rescue mission, took the woman and others to a hospital for the injuries they sustained as a result of the fire,” he said.

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