Emir Of Kano Blasts Wealthy Northerners, See What He Tells Them

Emir of Kano, Mallam Muhammad Sanusi II has on Thursday during the Third International Conference on Islamic Banking at Bayero University, Kano, decried the increasing rate of Child Marriage and illiteracy among girls in Kano State.

Sanusi noted that wealthy northerners should use their wealth in educating girls, not just building mosques.

I’m just tired of people coming to me to say I want to build a new mosque. You know, we keep building mosques and our daughters are illiterates. So, my appeal is that if you really want to help Kano, don’t come to me with a request to build a N300 million mosque because I have enough mosques everywhere. And if I don’t have a mosque, I’ll build it myself. If you really want to help, go and educate a girl child in the village.

The Emir says over 50 per cent of girls in Kano and the North generally, between the ages of 18 and 20 were already married, adding that 75 per cent of them could neither read nor write.
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He said:
It is not a mere coincidence that this is where you have the highest levels of illiteracy, early marriage, divorce and the highest levels of domestic violence.

People need to understand that the law has to change. If you look at the medical data on maternal health, girls who get pregnant below the age of 15 are five times as likely to die as girls who get pregnant at the age of 20.

Those who get pregnant under 18 are twice as likely to die as those who get pregnant at the age of 20. So, it is important that we look at this issue of early marriage.

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