Former BBA Housemate Reveals Vagina Is Her Favourite Part Of The Body

Huddah Monroe has never been one to shy away from expressing herself, and now the Kenyan socialite has attempted to send fans into a frenzy after she took to her SnapChat to declare her vagina her favourite body part.

“What’s your favourite body part,” she asked fans on her social media, before quickly adding, “mine’s the Vagina.

Huddah, who previously claimed that her income is from working on their family farm in Kenya, has always left fans confounded about how she funds her trips all over the world. Once, she took to Snapchat to reveal the man funding all her expensive business class-only trips around the world, as well as her luxury accessories and yachting holidays. And other times, she snapped back at folks accusing her of prostitution.

“Why are you worried about my pussy?” She snapped at a fan, adding, “It’s me who is getting fucked. Not you or your mother. Worry about your mother’s pussy. It gave birth to you.”

It is her vagina after all.

See the controversial SnapChat declaration:

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