Gambia: New Government Begins Leadership With Controversies

Gambian President, Adama Barrow’s administration has faced criticism on Tuesday after admitting its new vice-president, Fatoumata Jallow-Tambajang, may be constitutionally barred from serving and confirming ex-leader Yahya Jammeh will be permitted to keep a fleet of luxury cars.

One day after naming Jallow-Tambajang as deputy leader, it was alleged by the local media that she was 67 years old, two years over the legal maximum to serve in the post.

Barrow spokesman, Halifa Sallah said he was aware of the reports and advisors were recommending a parliamentary vetting process be arranged to avoid a similar situation, but he didn't confirm Jallow-Tambajang’s true age.

Sallah said:

I have spoken to President Barrow that many concerns are being raised.

The president has been carefully advised that he constitute a vetting committee, Sallah added.

Barrow was in final discussions with west African leaders in order to announce the hour of coming, Sallah said, adding that he would arrive “very soon”.

The news came on the same day it was confirmed that ex-leader Jammeh had struck a deal with Barrow to keep a fleet of luxury cars in exchange for leaving the country on Saturday for exile in Equatorial Guinea.

An airport source who saw the cargo being prepared on Saturday night when Jammeh flew out of the country said “two Rolls Royces and one (Mercedes) Benz” were loaded onto a Chadian cargo plane, while 10 others await shipment.

The government was fully prepared and supportive of ex-president Jammeh to leave and as a result they found it is better to leave with all his properties, Sallah said.

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