I Hereby Declare Myself The President Of The Federal Republic Of Nigeria - Comedian Bovi

Nigerian comedians are so good with humouring different situations in the country, as they pick up different issues and draw out their own views from it. 

Comedian Bovi is one of those intelligent comedians who can 'remix' a contemporary issue and you would wonder. 

In this instance, maybe in the light of the absence of the President Buhari, who is away on an annual leave, see what he says:

I hereby declare myself the president of the federal republic of Nigeria (online) . There are two Nigerias: one in reality, the other in virtual reality. (Social media) i will be running a unitary system of government but at the same time allow for a confederal state. This means you are welcome to declare yourself governor of your state or minister of any ministry you are passionate about. But I remain the only president until I declare elections online very soon. This is a government of the people so feel free to let us know ur problems (online) and we will solve them online. In this govt, tribe, religion, region or creed doesn't count. As long as you're Nigerian, u are qualified. Worship your god as u like but don't use it to disturb another. We run a simple life here in Nigeria (online). If ur street is untarred for example, report ur local govt chairman or commissioner for works or Gov or minister to me. This is a govt of accountability. Long live the federal republic of Nigeria (online)

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