Meet 10-year-old Lekan Who Is A Wonder In The Saloon

Not much information was given on Olalekan (pictured above) or where his saloon is, but the Instagram user who shared the story said, he had his hair cut with Olalekan, 10, and it was wonderful.

He further said the 10-year-old Lekan makes invariably N5,000 daily and charges N1,000 for haircuts which is not much for the results after he touches your hair.

If he is really the one that did that in the picture above, then he should be recognized. 

Chygoz words:

Meet OLAKEKAN the wonder kid barber responsible for my cut. He's 10 years old, in JSS1 and he earns at least 5,000 naira daily from barbing..... Parents please stop training your children like toys. Those little kids you see at home have more in them than you can imagine... Help their future, give them a chance.

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