Murder: What A Man Can Do...

You can finish the headline but Estibaliz Carranza, an ice cream parlour owner, will be the first female murderer to be moved to an all-male prison because she has observed to the dangerous. 

Carranza took the lives of her former husband and her lover when they failed to get her pregnant in 2008, killing them and cutting them into pieces with a chainsaw.

She later put the 'pieces' in one her freezes and constantly used air-freshner to hide the smell.

Carranza was sentence to life imprisonment in 2012 and is now being moved from her prison in Schwarzau to a special centre in Asten, near the city of Linz in Austria.

Schwarzau prison Picture: Steindy/Wikimedia

But the description of the prison seems more rewarding than you would imagine:

The state-of-the-art prison already holds 91 men, with 13 more female inmates soon set to be moved there.

Prisoners are allowed free movement within the centre, which has single and double rooms and allows inmates to cook their own meals together.

For the 91 prisoners already in the building, there are 45 nurses, 18 therapists, four doctors and eight prison guards on duty.

Carranza has only been given the green light to move to the prison as prison officers have deemed she shows an ‘advanced reduction of the relevant dangerousness’.

Reports say therapy would most likely not work for her.

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