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Nigerian Singer Turned Prophet Makes Death Predictions This year

Another prophet has come out again to make predictions for the year and this time, it is someone who has been in the entertainment industry. 

It is no longer news that Emmanuel Okose aka Soul E left entertainment and took to the pulpit, in his prophetic predictions for 2017, he said many from the entertainment industry will die. 

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Check out his predictions:

1) Russia will face so many obstacles this year from different nations. It’s not going to be a good year for them politically. I also see an assassination attempt on the president.

2) Ghana will face serious economical hard times. The new president would face an onslaught of oppositions.

3) The president of South Africa needs serious prayers over his health. I see them lose someone quite influential in the political sector. Schools, buses would go on strike. So much confusion in the nation of South Africa. They need to pray seriously.

4) Nigeria needs to pray for the entertainment industry. Many talents in the music, comedy and movie industries would be lost.

Still on Nigeria, the president would spend 8 years in office. This will be a narrow escape but I see it happening.

I see the oil price rising yet again and this will cause a lot of confusion in the oil sector. Pray for Nigeria in ernest.

5) False prophets/churches will be closed down. The judgement of God Almighty is coming down on the church this year. God has heard the cries of the innocent. False men of God will die this year.

6) God told me that, the year 2017 will be the best year for Nigerians. It will be so easy to buy houses, land, cars and such for the righteous. There would be so much wealth for them.

7) The new president of America needs to pray. I see an assassination attempt against his life. In addition, serious disagreements between him and members of his parliament would happen because of his style of administration.

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