Nigeria's 2017 Budget Has No Details - Senator Ali Ndume 

Former Senate Leader, Ali Ndume has declared that the 2017 budget does not have enough details.

Ndume said further that the lack of details in budgets is responsible for the many abandoned projects in the country.

He made the comments during the Senate plenary session on Wednesday, January 25.

“The budget we have been passing in the past years lacked one important ingredient, which is details. 
Some of us are ignorant and innocent. The 2017 budget has no details. That is why we continue to have abandoned projects in the country. We, as senators, don’t have the details of the budget,” Ndume said.

“For the humanitarian crisis in the North East, my colleagues will not be tired to hear my voice. I urge the appropriation committee to allocate a reasonable sum to the humanitarian crisis in the North East from N45 billion to N100 billion,” he added.

Lagos State Senator, Gbenga Ashafa also said the Senate needs to review the 2016 budget performance to learn some lessons.

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