No Supporting Evidence On Jammeh's $11 Million Loot - New Gambian Govt. Backtracks 

Ousted Gambian President, Yahya Jammeh might not have wiped out state coffers as widely reported.

 As reports of an $11m Jammeh loot went viral on Monday after a member of the transitional government said the former leader left the country with the cash.

Mai Fatty, a lawyer and member of the transitional government, told newsmen in Senegal that Gambia was in financial distress and that Jammeh withdrew $11m from the country’s central bank “within a period of 2 weeks alone.”

Official spokesman of the new Gambian government, Halifa Sallah at a news conference on Monday evening however described the claims as baseless comments made by his fellow official.

According to Gambian media outlet, Freedom Newspaper, Sallah said there was no factual evidence to that effect to substantiate Fatty’s wild allegations about an $11m Jammeh loot.

Sallah further said all financial institutions in The Gambia, including the Central Bank of the Gambia were functioning well, and that there was no such missing funds as claimed by Fatty.

“I have said to the international press that a government must work on the basis of its institutions and its institutional processes. Allegations of theft, etc cannot just be made by any member of an Executive. It is not the domain of the Executive. Allegations of anything that is a crime must be passed onto the Inspector General of police. And they are the competent authority that should conduct investigation of anything reported to them,” Sallah said.

Jammeh is presently on exile in Equitorial Guinea while new President Adama Barrow prepares to return to Gambia from Senegal as soon as ECOWAS troops deem Banjul safe enough for his return.

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