Oops: Watch Video As Chris Brown's $500k Lamborghini Was Destroyed In Terrible Crash

The Lamborghini Aventador belonging to American star, Chris Brown reportedly crashed in Beverly Hill on Tuesday. Luckily, the singer was not in the insanely expensive car during the horrific incident.

According to TMZ, the Lambo was found at the site of the crash and there was no one behind the wheel when the police arrived the scene, and a source close to the singer confirmed he had no clue that the car had been destroyed.

TMZ further  reported that Chris Brown often lets his friends drive his car, and it was possibly a case of a friend fleeing the crash site after totalling the vehicle. However, no one was hurt and no other car was rammed into during the accident.

Which makes Breezy lucky, because TMZ adds that the vehicle, which was originally orange was repainted to matte black, and it is still in the singer’s name. So, if harm was done to anyone during the crash, Breezy would have been roped into it.

Check out the video from the crash site:


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