Our Money Is Not For Area Boys - Nigerian Filmmaker Laments

The menace of area boys cannot overstated. From extorting money from bus drivers, to collecting money from land owners. 

It was surprising when there was a fight in an area in Lagos when Government officials wanted to grade a street and the area boys said they had to be paid before anything can happen on that land. 

It was reported sometime ago that a woman took to Facebook to decry how area boys disturbed the building of her school to such extent that she was spending more 'settling' them than on the building itself. It was until she hired the services of soldiers before she was left alone.

Now, it's movie makers lamenting the extortion activities of this 'area boys'. Taking to Instagram, Omoni Oboli, decried how they harrass she and her crew at different movie locations and would not stop until they are being settled.

Is the government behind these people? Or what exactly motivates them?

See her post below:

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