Phillipe Countinho Won't Leave Liverpool - Klopp Assures 

Liverpool's German manager, Jurgen Klopp has dismissed reports that the club could sell Philippe Coutinho.

The Brazilian, who is expected to return from injury in the EFL Cup semi-final against Southampton tomorrow, has been linked with a move to La Liga giants.

But Klopp said: “It would be nice if big clubs thought like this and forgot about a player completely because he’s been injured for five or six weeks. But big clubs don’t think this way unfortunately.

“But we never had any ideas or any plans or any talks about this because he is our player and there are no other ideas. And nothing has changed.”

However, he did admit though, that big clubs like Barca wouldn’t be put off, just because Coutinho has been sidelined for almost two months.

“Big clubs don’t think in this way unfortunately. It was not a big injury so there was no question of him not being the same player afterwards.

“It would be nice if big clubs forgot about a player completely because he’s been injured for five or six weeks.

The Reds boss will rush his star back for the cup showdown at St Mary’s, as he attempts to gain a crucial advantage in the first leg.

The manager said Coutinho will be on the bench for the semi, despite his lack of match fitness, with one eye on Sunday’s league game against Manchester United.

“I would say it makes sense for him to be involved against Southampton, in the squad. We will see what happens there, whether we have to use him or not.

“We would only leave him out because of United if a few minutes didn’t make sense, and a few minutes for him does make sense.

“There is a big difference to being fit and match fit, but of course it’s Phil, so we want to try everything we can to bring him close to his 100 per cent.”

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