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See What Happens As Fireworks Cut High Tension Wire

In the euphoria of the Christmas and New Year season, Punch Newspaper reports that five people have been electrocuted to death on New Year's Day after a high tension wire fell from electrical poles in Mushin, Lagos. 

The incident happened precisely on Adedoja street in Mushin and it was reported that most of the victims had just finished praying at the Temidire Central Mosque on Ogunmokun Street, when someone on a motorcycle throw some fireworks in the air, which hit high tension wires, cutting one of the wires.

The community leader, Prince Adewale Osho aka Baba General, said this happened around 12:15am, killing five, while two others escaped with serious injuries. 

Osho said:

It was around 12:15am after they finished the Taajud prayers at the mosque. As people were going to their different homes, a man set off a few fireworks into the air, which hit high tension wires on the street. One of the wires exploded and people tried to flee when they saw the heavy sparks and noticed that it had cut into two.

Unfortunately, the wire fell on four people. Three died on the spot, while one boy, Adebayo, was thrown off; he survived. The wire caught the leg of a man we call Baba Lekan and twisted it. People were able to rescue the man and take him to the hospital. The power was turned off at that point. 

However, about 30 minutes later, they restored power. A motorcyclist and his passenger, who were unaware of the incident were just riding past, and were electrocuted. They died on the spot, bringing the casualty to five. 

The police came and removed some of the corpses around 2am, while the others were taken away by family members. 


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