Surprised Boko Haram Attack In Yobe Reportedly Left 5 Soldiers Dead 

A surprise attack by dreaded terrorist group, Boko Haram, on a military base in Buni Yadi, Yobe state on Saturday evening, may have left up to 5 soldiers dead.

According to a report by The Nation, the sect launched the daring attack on Saturday evening and managed to inflict some casualties on the army before they were repelled.

Spokesman of 27 Task Force Brigade, Lt George Okupe confirmed the surprise attack and claimed it was successfully repelled by the troops but refused to disclose casualty figures on both sides.

Lt Okupe said, “Buni Yadi came under attack at about 06:15pm…but things are under control. Casualty figure of Boko Haram Terrorists yet to be confirmed; on locales, none for now likewise own forces.”

A military source who spoke to the newspaper however stated that 5 soldiers were killed, including a captain. The source said the insurgents launched the attack from the eastern side of the brigade in large numbers. He added that the Captain who was killed in the attack was a medical doctor recently posted to Buni Yadi.

Another military source equally claimed that Boko Haram suffered more casualties and that many dead bodies were seen scattered in the bush.

“Nobody had time to start counting the numbers of the bastards that were killed because we were busy pursuing the ones that were running,” the source said.

The surprise attack comes barely 2 weeks after the Army claimed it had dislodged Boko Haram from Sambisa forest and a week after the Defence Headquarters dismissed the ability of the sect to regroup.

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