The Part I Liked Most In The Sexual Encounter II

If you missed the first part, read here:
It seemed I had been missing all the fine guys that came my way. I paid too much attention to my job and missed out on so many opportunities.
I couldn’t find any guy I really thought would give me sweet sex. All the guys that approached were just… ‘guys’, regular guys.
I was determined to be disvirgined, but not determined to be disvirgined by any ‘fuck-boy’. So, I held on to my patience, which paid off. 
It so happened that as I going home one day, one guy approached my car and asked for a little of my time. He said he had sent his car to the mechanic and waited so long, but since I was going his way, maybe I could drop him off.
“How do you know am going that way?”
“I have followed you. Although, I didn’t get to your house. I only know the street”.
“That’s stalking you know”.
“Hmm… I don’t think so. I approached at your office and you only said I was talking rubbish when I said I wanted us to be together”.
“Well… one, I can’t engage in such discussions in the office and two, how would you just meet me and say you wanted to take me out?”
“That wasn’t the first time I saw you. I am a regular customer at the branch and I have watched you”.
“Another stalking activity?”
“Whatever ‘stalking activity’ is, I don’t know. All I know is, I like you and would us to be together”.
I loved the way he was direst. But didn’t want to accept so quickly. 
“Ok, ok. Just give me your number. I would call you”.
“I would have preferred doing the calling. But if you insist”.
“Yes, I insist”.
I didn’t know how I even allowed him into my car. What if he was a kidnapper or an armed robber? Anyway, he’s none of that, so am safe. 
I expected to see him at the bank the next, but he didn’t appear even eight days after, so I got home I called.
“Oh my! I thought you would never call. This call is quite late”.
“Really? It’s five days after we met”. I lied to make him discuss something more interesting.
“Alright ma. So what’s up for Saturday. You going to work?”
“You haven’t asked me if I wanted to go out with you”.
“The call is an indication of an affirmative answer”.
“You’re sure I haven’t called to tell you I didn’t want a relationship with you?”
“Ok, now give me that your answer”.
“You already know Ken”. 
“Hmm… I knew it! Thank you dear”.
I smiled, looking in to my mirror. 
“So, Saturday, where?”
“I prefer we just hang around at home. Which house should host?
“Ok, come to mine. I would cook you a delicacy”.
“Won’t you ask what I would like?”
“No. No way. I don’t want you telling me to cook pounded yam and egusi soup. That’s the only thing you Nigerians you”.
“Are you saying you don’t know how to cook it?”
“Am saying I don’t have time and the energy for such tasking job”.
“No problem dear. Just cook me something you know I would like”.
“That won't be a problem”.
Was I falling in love or still on my disvirgining track? I might not want to deviate just yet. But what if he intends to marry me? 
I can’t fall in love just yet, at least until I achieve my aim and am sure he really loves me.
To be continued…

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