The Part I Liked Most In The Sexual Encounter IV

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The story continue...
Shade really came at a wrong time, and I couldn’t ask Ken to stay for the night as she would suspect something is happening and the whole family would hear her story. So, I quietly asked Ken to leave as soon as possible. 
“Eheen, you said you wanted money for school abi?”

“Ahah! Is it because your boyfriend was around that you forgot what we have been discussing? He has entered your head”.

“Whose boyfriend? Better don’t go back and become CNN Africa on top of my matter”. I said smiling. She smiled too. 

We agreed on how much and I was quick to send her back home after four days, so I continue my ‘deal’ with Ken. 

“Hope it’s not because of your boyfriend you want me to go. Because I usually spend two weeks here”.

“See this girl oo. I don tell you say no be my boyfriend. And say you no go prepare before you go back to school?”

“Ok shaa. Make I dey go”. 

I was praying she doesn’t go back telling them I was married without telling the family, because she is good with mis-interpreting things and over-blowing them. 

In no time, that’s the following weekend. Ken was back. I didn’t waste time after the eating and talking. We started again, with the romance. 

“Hopefully, we would get to the end today”. 

“If anyone knocks I won’t get the door. Not today, at least not now”.

He touched me like he was touching egg. It seemed like I was a goddess. He started licking all over, like he did the first time and I was already moaning – at least that’s what he told me. 

Then, he went down. Pushing me on the sofa, he said:

“You might not like this, but enjoy it while it is on”.

I didn’t know he was going to do, so I just gave my body to him.

He pushed me backwards and placing my legs on his shoulder he started licking my vagina. 

He took his tongue deep that I felt I was in paradise. His lips seemed to be passing through my spine and into my skull.

He licked it like he was eating some sweet fruit. I was numb. The pleasure was beyond me. I wanted to push him over, but it was too sweet. I left him and was almost screaming. 

He looked up at me smiling. He seemed to be enjoying it too. Then he went down again. This time I lay flat on the sofa and started dreaming.

I called and wailed his name, screaming the Lord’s name. my juices filled his mouth and he sucked harder, and even harder. Till a point I could hardly take it anymore then he held his penis and inserted into my clout.

I wailed once more, he grabbed my body and hugging me, dug deep into me in traditional missionary style. My vag was serious wet. 

He kissed my face as he released into the condom he was wearing and told me how much he enjoyed himself. 

Our bodies entangled in sweat. I held onto him as his penis became less firm. Then he lay beside me on the sofa and we kissed again. 

But the vag licking was something else! Who survives that?

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