The Part I Liked In The Sexual Encounter III

In case you missed episode I and II, read here:

The Part I Liked In The Sexual Encounter

The Part I Liked In The Sexua Encounter II

My story continues...

Ken seemed like a nice guy when he visited. He even bought me a gift. Although, that made me think he was looking for a long-term relationship.

“It is sudden”. I thought to myself. “You cannot just meet someone and decide she is the chosen one”.

Anyway, I would play along until I got what I wanted and tell him what I really wanted. He is a man, he should be able to handle that. 

We ate as planned and decided to see one or two movies before he leaves. During that time, we cuddled and eventually kissed, but it seemed he didn’t want to go far. 

What was I to do? Do I tell him straight away that I needed him to have sex with me?
He noticed I was deep in thoughts.

“What are you thinking about Aisha?”

“Nothing dear”.

“I said something to you and you didn’t reply and you say nothing?”

“Am a virgin”. I don’t know how that came out but it was out anyway.

“Wow, wow, wow. How did a fine classy babe like you keep herself this long?”

“Well… not all ‘fine, classy babes' are loose girls. I was brought up quite well”. 

“Interesting. You know what?”

“Please don’t start”. What he starting anyway?

“You made me like you more. I never expected you to be…”

“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. I cut him short. 

“Hmmm… I have been hearing that for a long time. Now, I understand what it means”. 

“Enough talking. Let’s continue the movie”. I didn’t want him to just grab me by the waist and insert his penis inside me. I wanted it to be slow, sweet and steady.

After a little while, he started stealing looks at me and I knew he was horny. I was too, so I moved closer and gave him a kiss on his lips.

He finally grabbed me and the kiss became more intense. But he stopped at some point.

“Aisha. Do you really want this?”

“Common! You think I would invite you to my place if I didn’t know this would take place?” 

He grabbed me again and started kissing me all over. His kisses sent thrills through my spine, that if it were forced I wouldn’t have had the emotional power to resist. 

Then, he started removing my clothes one after the other. I was fully dressed like I was going out, but he didn’t care. He took his time. I had no idea whether to reciprocate or just watch.

“Don’t just stand there”.

I understood immediately and started unbuttoning his shirt. After we had gone completely naked. He raised me high and continued kissing me all over. He seemed like a lion about to eat me. 

But the show was cut short when someone knocked on the door. 

“Who is that?” I almost shouted.

“It’s me Shade”. Disappointment of life. Shade is a cousin that I asked to come see me sometime ago. I totally forgot it was supposed to be today.

“Ok, I would be with you shortly”.

We quickly wore our dresses, and when I was sure he was sitting relaxingly I went to the door.

“Shade, am sorry I forgot. You welcome”.

“No problem aunty”. 

Shade spoilt the moment. In fact, the whole day.

To be continued…

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