The Part I Liked Most In The Sexual Encounter

I don’t know how you guys would take my story, so I have decided to remain anonymous in my story. Just like it is said, ‘the death of the author’.

It was my first and last time, and I really want to continue that ‘heavenly encounter’, but I need to do it with someone I love. It might not lead to marriage, but it has to be someone that would care for me and love me for who I am.

I heard many guys don’t like virgins and that’s why I decided to get disvirgined and this is how it happened…

I work in a bank, in a city in Nigeria. I had received many sexual advances, but I ignored all, just for the same reason I mentioned above. 

I didn’t want to disappoint my parents, so I maintained myself. The urge was so strong sometimes, that I almost stumbled over. However, I didn’t allow my internal pleasures overtake what I had been taught at home. 

I didn’t grow up in a wealthy home, and my parents struggled to make sure I was given the best. And disappointing them would have been betrayal. My mum always told me:

“Aisha, don’t allow any boy to take you into his room, impregnate you and run away. Make sure you wait until marriage”.

Although, I have betrayed that trust in me. But, my friends told me no guy would want an inexperienced girl as his wife. They told me he would go out to look for one if I was not and that was why I decided to ‘go out’.

I started replying the guys and men that threw advances at me at the counter. So many things run through my mind anytime they said the nonsense they usually say. I wanted to enjoy it, I wanted to get it all in one encounter. So, I watched closely; searching internally for that guy.

My colleagues too made advances. I never knew I was that beautiful until I started replying with my body language. 

“You know you’re a pretty girl. Stop wasting all these God-given endowments. Let me, for just one night”, one of my colleagues boldly said. 

He had taken almost all the ladies in the office, even the married ones because he was quite handsome. I wanted none of that. I can’t be in the ‘league of used girls’ just because I wanted to learn.

So, I paid attention to the numerous customers that came my way. 

“You have a boyfriend?” One asked one day, and I wondered if guys still go through that archaic style of asking you out.

“What do you want Daniel?” I asked frowning.

“Just dinner”.

“Just dinner?” This one is not even serious I thought. I want more than dinner. 

“Yes”. He replied searching through my thoughts. 

“I have enough food at home. I can’t be wasting money outside”.

“I never asked you to pay”. 

“I never asked for your dinner either”. Instead of you to just say we should go home, you are telling me dinner. I thought again.

He looked intensely and walked away. He seemed like a nice guy. Maybe, he’s one of those guys that liked showing off their ‘girls’ in public, but don’t know how to ‘do’.

I really wanted more than dinner. 'Too many dinners sef fit cause diarrhea'.

I kept observing all the guys that showed interest. Some seemed like sex maniacs, some wanted just one night…

To be continued…

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