Too Much Money! This Is How The Fight Between Chris Brown And Soulja Boy Would End

The diss between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown started when Soulja Boy maybe 'innocently' commented on a picture of Chris Brown's ex and Chris Brown took offence in that.

For days now, they have been engaging in social media 'throw of words', with the most interesting being Chris Brown saying his two-year old daughter is richer than Soulja Boy.

Now, the social media dissing would end in a ring and while Soulja Boy might have employed the services of Floyd Mayweather, World champion, Mike Tyson, says he is going to teach Chris Brown the dirty tricks of the game. 

Before that time, Mike Tyson and Chris Brown have gone to the studio to release a diss record for Soulja Boy, titled, 'If You Show Up'. 

On Monday, a portion of Mike Tyson’s verse surfaced online, and in it finds the famous boxer referencing the upcoming boxing match repeatedly for the hook… "If you show up, it’s going down. I’m gonna teach him how to knock your ass down."

The both of them just have money to throw around and they think disturbing the internet is the best way to waste money - you can imagine how many would buy tickets to go watch the both of them fight. 

Listen to the snippet below:

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