You Need To Know The Difference Between Being Slim And 'Thin' (Read)

So many people, misplace the two words and sometimes think the two words mean one and the same. 

Although, slim and thin are words that have traditionally been used to describe the figure of a person. 

They are used more for women than men though not reserved exclusively for women (because we have men who do the mistake too). 

These days there is a tendency to use the word thin and slim even for gadgets like TV’s and mobiles. There, these words have a similar meaning and that is to praise them for being so compact and handy. 

Slim and thin are words having similar meaning though they are not synonymous. Let us see if there are any differences and if they are used in different contexts exclusively or not.


There has been a greater awareness about the benefits of being fit and shapely these days and more men and women want to have a slim figure to get the look of the models and the celebrities. 

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There are many other words used to describe the figure of a person such as lean, thin, slender, and even skinny. However, whereas slim is a word that is used in appreciation, skinny is considered to be derogatory or as an insult. This is why slim is increasingly being used to describe gadgets. This tells a lot about how people with a lean figure are viewed by others in the society.

There is no criterion that is universal for a person to be called slim. It is a feeling that people get seeing a person that allows them to classify the man or woman as being slim. 

In fact, just the right size is what people think when they see someone who is not overweight and obese and is attractive and desirable.


Thin is a word that is used for people who are just a wee bit slimmer than they should be to look attractive - I prefer to say slimmer than a healthy human being should be.

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Thin is opposite of thick, and it is used in a neutral manner if not outright derogatory. There is no extra fat on the body of a man or woman when he or she is called thin, but thin is not a word that is very much liked by people who are trying to be shapely and desirous of comments. This is because thin reminds them of someone who is skinny and very slender on the verge of malnutrition.

What is the difference between Slim and Thin
• Thin and slim are words commonly used to describe the appearance of a person in terms of his figure though they are not synonymous
• If there is a continuum in terms of being overweight and being underweight, thin lies close to the right side where the extreme is underweight - thin
• Slim is desirable, and most men and women long to be called slim and sexy
• Thin reminds people of malnutrition and is not a pleasing word to hear for one’s figure
• If thin is the opposite of thick, slim is the opposite of fatty

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