Yung6ix Charges Nigerian Rappers To "Wake Up"

Nigerian rapper, Onome Onokohwomo known as Yung6ix posted on Twitter that Nigerian rappers are not doing as much as they should do.

He said anything he wanted to listen to African rap, he either listens to himself or South Africa.

He asked rappers not to question a failure because God has bigger plans if one plan fails. 

He posted:

When I wanna listen to African rap I play Yung6ix and SA rappers wtf is going on with the Nigerian rappers? Wake up.

Don't question God because one of your plans failed, you have 1 plan for yourself and he has thousands for you. Be grateful. 

However, he mentioned some rappers who are still in the business doing fine:

Reminisce and Phyno killing it still and yeah Dremo too. 

He continued:

Just to wake niggas up I dropped a hip hop record that spawned over 3,000 covers. 

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